Cornerstone Kids

"Point your kids in the right direction - when they’re old they won’t be lost." Proverbs 22:6


Videos & Parent Guides

You’re in the right spot!!! We have so many exciting things happing for our kids here at Cornerstone. Every Sunday, BRAND NEW videos will be released! These videos will include a Bible story, Worship and so much more!!

Sunday's: Things To Know

Here's what to expect when visiting Cornerstone Kids on-site for the first time:

When you register for church, you will be asked to provide the ages of your children.

For children ages 0-2, the nursery will be accessible to you as a parent to use with your child at anytime throughout the service. While you are in the nursery, you can still watch the service that is provided for you to enjoy.

For children ages 2-10, activity packages will be available for them at their seat. We ask that you also bring with you a mobile device. Such as: smartphones, iPad/tablets or a laptop (headphones are mandatory). This will allow them to enjoy the Cornerstone Kids online experience. Which includes: a time worship, a Bible story and more. Further instructions will be available to you each Sunday at your seat.

Here's what to expect when visiting Cornerstone Kids online for the first time:

For those of you who are joining us online, please watch the video links and find the parent guides above. Your children will be provided with a time worship, a Bible story and more.

Social Media

Parents! Do you want to stay connected in what’s happening in the lives of your kids? Well, we have just the thing to help with that! Please follow us on our Cornerstone Kids social media platforms.

Every Thursday at 4pm on both of our social platforms, there will be a Kids Talk (2 Min Devo) for your child to enjoy!

Meet our Family Life Pastor

If you have any questions for Pastor Victoria, please send her an email